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Yes, that particular stereotype is true. Black men do have larger penises than other races, with whites being the next largest and Asians being the smallest. I have sexually been with both extremes; a black man (who I already stated as being the largest), and Asian men (who were the smallest). My experiences were better with the Asian men, because their techinques were better –they were more interested in doing oral, etc. I am also a very short woman standing at 5’2, so ‘smaller’ actually feels better for me — too big hurts, and I can’t feel the ‘motion’ as well. I have heard though that size does matter to some women, which is why many black men (particularly lower-class ones) think they are the hottest men for having larger penis sizes. I myself though could care less about how endowed a man is; I care more about how he makes love and what not.

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Name : Kristina, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 20, City : Washington, State : DC Country : United States, Occupation : Transcriber, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Upper middle class,