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The title doesn’t just read, ‘Why do white people smell like wet dogs when they come out of the rain?’ You’ve left out the last and most important part: ‘And other questions that deserve a smack on the head by mom.’ Which means the author is implying that is a dumb question to ask and that you should know better. So, it’s not a racist title at all. I’ve been asked this question before by my black friends. And I’d rather them ask me that question and for me to tell them it’s all a myth than for them to keep spreading a lie. Now, for all those who are wondering, white people can’t smell like wet dogs when they’re wet simply because we don’t have the same oils in our hair that a canine does. It’s the oils, once they’re wet, that create the foul smell. It has nothing to do with the hair or makeup.

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Name : Mekki20750, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Irish/Puerto Rican, Religion : Catholic, Age : 22, City : Virginia Beach, State : VA Country : United States,