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Yes and No. I think it depends on what kind of media you’re referring to. Several films come to mind that depict adolescents in a true, at times dismal, yet thought-provoking manner (Kids, Rumblefish, The River’s Edge). On the other hand, if you’re referring to anything with the Olsen Twins (for example the sitcome Full House) and other such television shows, I think in general the media fails to present a realistic portrayal of what children are actually thinking, or rather, the media writes from an adult standpoint on childhood. (Keep in mind, these adults writing for the shows are writing in such a way to not offend any corporate sponsorship and are there to make their money). The media has a tendency to twist things around, and thus unrealistiic attitudes confront children from all angles – role models for children are not necessarily positive in today’s society, or rather, children reflect the images presented to them. This would explain 7 to 17-year-old children on Sally Jessie Raphael and Jenny Jones dressing like adult prostitutes and claiming they are ‘hot to trot’ and ‘can’t wait to be a strippers when they grow up.’ Unfortunately, in this format, the children are being portrayed realistically.

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