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CeCe and Renee? by the stars! At first I thought you were joking. Then I realized that in all probability you are deadly serious. I have rarely read such poorly substantiated and ill-reasoned drivel!! I am particularly saddened by CeCe?s response how could a black woman with her historical and cultural background ever oppose granting harmless and justified liberties to another minority group?? Such gross exaggerations! : ?Gay guys who just had hundreds of partners a night.? Ridiculous! It boggles the mind. I come from the Netherlands and here (as in quite a few other European countries) same sex marriages have been an accepted institute for some years. And, no?. this isn?t Sodom and Gomorra, no we don?t have more or worse problems in our society than in yours because of these marriages, no we don?t have too few children. Our society has not and never will crumble at the seems because of gay marriages. I can?t believe Americans actually spend energy and time opposing these marriages rather than focusing on the many problems that are truly ripping your country asunder such as guns, drugs, crooked politicians and hate. The whole ?children? argument is completely moot and flawed from head to tail anyhow: A. It is statistically shown and recognized that about 1 in 10 people are gay. So even if all the gays in America married this still wouldn?t mean there would be too few children. All the other couples would be more than sufficient to produce children. B. Whether they marry or not, Gay people are GAY! They are not going to reproduce regardless of the fact that you seem to think it is okay to deny them what should be a fundamental right On a side note and just in case you have been asleep for the last 30 years, overpopulation is becoming a serious problem for this planet we share. As things stand it wouldn?t be a bad thing at all if people everywhere (especially Americans that consume more resources and pollute more than anyone else) would have fewer children. If people like you and your values are at all representative of America it is small wonder that many countries and people greatly dislike America. And no i am not a muslim/terrorist/commy/whatever.

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