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Many people have already responded with various reasons why someone like your coworker would take a job he is ‘overqualified’ for. The best I can do is speak from my own experience. I’m still in college majoring in Spanish and Law Enforcement. When I leave school I want to be a police officer, and nothing else. Some people assume that by going to college and getting degrees that I want to have a more rigorous job, like a detective or FBI agent. Yes, these are paths I could take once I finish school, but those are not what I want right now. Most police departments do not require more than an associates degree, or even a high school diploma, to be a police officer so I don’t blame others for wondering why I’m spending four years at a university if that is my intention. I want as much preparation and qualification as I can get, and I know I can do this, so why not? My belief is that it’s better to have too much than not enough. Plus the fact that you attended college, to some employers, proves that you can deal with different types of people and that you are able to learn beyond what is necessary.

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