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It is no mystery! Facial hair and/or body hair, like any other inherent trait is based on genes. Just as two parents with brown eyes MAY have a child with blue eyes, it would be not be probable as brown is dominant over blue (hope that is a good example ::smile::). When people with certain traits marry within the same ethnic group, those traits become dominant but they still may retain the genes for other traits, however recessive. You will find that when different ethnic groups mix, that gene pool grows, so that even if the dominant traits become evident, the recessive traits MAY still show themselves. There is hairiness in all ethnic groups. There are many white many who have little facial hair or chest hair. The trait may be more or less dominant in some groups. I know I’m not an expert on this as I’m not a geneticist, but I did do a lot of research on the subject of genes and how actually in all *races* there is somewhat of a crossover, even if the trait is rarer for that *race*; i.e., some *white* people have very kinky hair naturally, some *black* people have fine straight hair naturally. Y? cuz the *races* are a collection of gene pools, each with a variety for traits that may be considered another racial trait, however recessive. I speak because I am multiracial, and my own siblings look different as regards skin colors, hair textures, nose shapes, even with the SAME mother and father. I think it was by design that we have so much of a variety in the human *race.* It would be awful if there were only one color or only one type of a flower, wouldn’t it?

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