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I don’t believe so. Don’t get me wrong, but I think that it is an adaptive mechanism, to help us cope with our environment (our neighbours, coworkers, friends, merchants, strangers, etc). Even for those who prejudge, HOPEFULLY they still possess a sense of right and wrong (something even my pet dog has) and treat everyone fairly (i.e. providers of housing, legal, employment matters). There are always exceptions (as stereotypes never apply to everyone), and when these involve humans, they must deserve an equal and fair chance. I have pondered often about this issue, and I notice that we do take pride in positive achievement made by a member of our group (i.e the FIFA World Cup, superior cooking/ analytical/ sexual/ spiritual and other skills), we just don’t want to hear about the bad things that another member of our group commits and perhaps learn from those and remain humble. What ever happened to ‘taking the bad with the good’? I remember watching a documentary on TV, and this black activist said ‘you don’t have to like us, just treat us fairly when it comes to employment, housing, opportunies.’ I find this comforting, because there are laws (where they apply) which enable us to tackle a specific case of prejudice. My only concern is that those who administer and dispense justice may be impartial, and in a ‘civilized society’ there isn’t any other avenue beyond legal recourse. Hope that helps.

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