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Rose, I read your post. You said it embarrasses you. Well, don’t be embarrassed. I think we all have people among us who can make us feel that way. Where I’m from, the situation between blacks and Italians is not so good. I’ll put it this way: when the Feast of Assumption (?) is going on in Little Italy in the summer, you won’t see any black people there. They do have a reputation for chasing people away with baseball bats, etc. What I find interesting is this: All of the black people I know who have travelled to Italy have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Italian people. Some even loved Italy so much that they have vowed to try and return and live there permanently and do the expatriate thing. I’ve never been to Europe, but I did live in Toronto for a while. The neighborhood I lived in was mostly Jamaican, and it bordered on the Italian neighborhood there. I never had a problem at all, and there wasn’t this animosity for our people that you see here in the States. When I think about what my friends who have been to Italy say and my own experiences while living in Canada, the more I come to believe that this is a side effect peculiar to the United States. Given the history of the United States, it isn’t surprising.

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