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Maybe you should ask which belief systems will bring me the most happiness/satisfaction/piece-of-mind here and/or after I die? By asking which one will get you to heaven you have already narrowed your search, since the concept of heaven only exists in certain belief systems. I think the best fit for you depends on your what you’re seeking. Some seek deliverance, some seek peace, some seek reassurance, some seek forgiveness. It is not an easy answer because it is entirely personal. To ask someone to tell you the answer, is to ask for the answer that’s not right for you. If you want to find the answer you have to do some digging. There is a wealth of material from around the world. Even if you end up choosing a Judeo-Christian religion, there is plently to be gained from reading the beliefs of others. You cannot see any color distictly, unless you have seen the other colors of the spectrum There are many flavors to choose from, but I think it is important to recognize that each flavor has a drawback. Some belief systems ostrasize others, some limit your freedom, and some can provide you with no reassurances. It doesn’t matter much in the end. I think the important thing to see is that all systems of belief have grown out of a necessity for people to understand the universe around them. All of them have wisdom and truths mixed with rituals that provide for the community they serve.

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