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I thank you for asking your question. I am responding in hopes that you dont become prejudice or racist in any way. there are many factors that affect your situation. Do you live in an area where there is an equal amount of ‘races’? I put races in apostrophes because i believe there is only one race, Human. If this is true or if there is a higher population of Black people, then it would be easy to say that there is a higher chance that a Black person would be likely to do anything in your area, save someones life, be the mayor, run the schools, win a competition and yes, even commit a crime. Thats one factor. Next, think about how many times someone that was Black walked by you without doing anything to you. Also, your friends are Black, yet you say that you are scared of Black people. I propose this to you. Please do not be prejudice. Instead see people for their personalities and how they are. Being a criminal is not a characteristic of any race at all. Timothy Mcvae blew up a building, and him being White, do you feel unsafe to be a in a building with a White male? See? So you should be afraid of criminals, not of people of a race. That is racism for one thing, and judging them on how they dress is prejudice. and you sound like a person who wants to stop themselves from being racist and in turn, wrong in life. i hope this helps you out. People should be judged on personality, not whats on the outside. And if they all happen to be Black, then thats just a coincidence and i know its hard for you to think of it like that but you must try. Ask if anyone has ever been robbed by someone of another race, and you’ll see that crime doesnt discriminate, so why should you? I’m 17 telling a 35 yr-old this. It should be the other way around, or better yet, we shouldnt be having this conversation at all.

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