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A big aspect of islam, is to practice general modesty. modesty in how you present yourself physically (looks), yourself in character, modesty in your home, belongings, etc. pretty much the reason that some muslims females do or don’t wear extra coverings (just a scarf, or full burqa, veil, none at all, etc…) is that everyone as an individual has a different idea of what modesty IS. it can be different in different parts of the world, climates, and so on. along with the most common things like the veil, scarf and so on, make-up, nailpolish, and other clothing also constitute modesty. really though, it’s all up to the individual, and between them and God. BUT… it isn’t just for women. a man’s pants or clothing should not go higher than their knees, and are encouraged to dress modesty from head to toe. nor are they allowed to wear gold jewelry, as it’s considered ‘showy’ – the antonym of modesty… 🙂

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