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Norm James

I have also wondered about that alot, and the reason that I have come to is the nature of the Bible it’s self. First of all, don’t want to detract from anyone’s views of the divinity of the Book, but it must also be realized that the Bible is only the record of 1 nation. While, according to the Bible, Noah and his family were the only survivor of the flood, this is the story according to that record. Who is to say that there weren’t others? While I don’t doubt the historical accuracy of the Bible, it can’t be taken as the absolute and only record of ancient people. I’m afraid I may have not answered the original question, but I don’t think that the Bible does have the answer as to where different races come from. I think that any one who says that it does, or that the Bible by it’s self contains ALL the answers for ALL the questions, must be looked at in a sceptical light.

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