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Okay, here goes. I will speak for myself on the need to ‘adjust’. There are several reasons: 1) Men need to adjust their scrotum and or penis much the same way women need to adjust their breasts (bras digging in, I suppose). If a man wears boxers and naturally hangs freely, he is much more inclined to get pinched when sitting down, squatting, making quick movements of the torso, etc. This is the primary reason I prefer jockey style briefs as they hold your privates steady, like a jock strap, albeit with less support, and reduces the need for adjustment; 2) when finished urinating while standing, and then placing his penis back, he may find his genitals in an uncomfortable position shortly after, thus the need to adjust (depending on the style of pants and underwear some men may have to work harder to remove and replace parts); 3) men often get spontaneous erections (to some degree, whether they want it or not and this IS embarrasing) and need to adjust to hide it or, when it has subsided, to put the parts back into a comfortable position; 4) some men may touch themselves unconsciously for no good reason; 5) they really do itch at times, and 6)some men are just crude. I’m sure most other men will agree with these reasons and probably have more to offer. Regardless of the need to adjust or scratch, however, a gentleman does it discreetly.

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