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southern italians have been influenced by greeks and hordes of persians, carthaginians (not blacks in the majority) in the past (sicily especially) while the pre-latin inhabitants of the italian peninsula (the umbrians, ligurians, etc) were not latins per se, their language was not latin either, they were related to the greeks in some sort but were the true natural inhabitants of the peninsula, they were white skinned and had light/dark hair and brown eyes like most aegeans (greeks), the latinii (latins that settled later and founded rome) was a branch of a indo european group that entered from the northwest, being of celtic heritage, and admixed with the locals, italy is in many ways a melting pot like the US is. during its history it has been settled by many inhabitants.. and its mostly germanic in the north, after the settlement of the lombards (a germanic tribe) in the ‘regione lombarda’ province, hence the blue eyed blonde italians.. to the white caucausian in the center, but usually more common to find people with brown eyes (still 100% caucasian) to the darker tribes of the south, sicilians and insular peoples.. that had been admixed with other arabic nations in the past.. the country is in a whole considered latin. everyone is ‘latin’ regardless of the actual race, but the same language, and of course they’re all considered white caucasians. with some exceptions in the south.

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