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The real problem I feel is that we only recognize certain problems as ‘legitimate’. A woman I knew came from an extremely disadvantaged background. Her mother could be classified as either ‘mentally ill’ or ‘cruel and visious’. As a young girl this girl was pressured to sing and perform in public and then her mother would beat her up if she did well while shouting – ‘It is me not you that they are applauding’. Yet, this woman was not eligible for a program designed to help the disadvantaged. Similarly, many people from Africa have advantages of family support, money, a positive and proud cultural backgroung, etc. that many Afro-Americans do not enjoy. Worst of all many Afro-Americans are not able for various reasons to take advantage of many opportunities supposedly created for their benefit. All this results in many Afro-Americans feeling that they are being ‘robbed’ of what is theirs. The targets of this frustration are many – including : African-Immigrants, Immigrants in general, Foreign Aid (Why can’t we get some of that money ? ), etc. In general we need to have a more rational policy of helping people involving such considerations as: what do they desire, what do they need, who can benefit from a given program, are we concerned with helping or just create the appearance of helping, are we helping or giving in to extortion where most of the benefit goes to ‘leaders’ and those who really need help get very little, what is help and what is investment in our population and economey, etc.

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