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That is truly a bizarre and illogical definition of what racist means. I’m not conservative, but I don’t think you’ll find many conservatives who agree with you. What you did was basicly try to say racism is a positive (!?) thing, and if you have any identification with your heritage you are a (positive!?) racist. That’s doublespeak of the worst kind, and like all doublespeak it’s ‘designed to make murder respectable and give the appearance of solidity to pure wind’.-George Orwell. As much as I disagree with most conservatives on most issues, I recognize many are not racist, just far too willing to ignore, excuse, or apologize for racism in others, in my judgement. Conservatives like George Will and William Buckley would be appalled by what you said. (Buckley, after all, led the effort to try and drive out racists and anti-Semites out of the GOP in the 1950s.) You’re not conservative. You’re much farther to the right, an unapologetic racist, which you apparently think is something to be proud of in your bizarre worldview.

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