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For many many years, blacks were the butt of things such as Minstrel shows, blaxploitation, demeaning caricatures and various other indignities. We Latinos have had to put up with everything from having our ‘accents’ mocked on down to the Taco Bell dog. This goes back for decades, even centuries. Not to mention centuries of oppression and discrimination. With all these rights minorities have scratched and clawed for, we can get a little hyper-sensitive when faced with ethnic caricature. Yet when I think about it, ‘Why do Hispanics drive so slow?’ would be a more appropriate title than ‘Why are white people greedy and evil?’ I think ‘Wet Dogs’ is appropriate for the nature of the book.

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Name : Dan, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : na, Race : Chicano, Religion : Pentecostal Christian, Age : 21, City : Los Angeles area, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : Student, Social class : Lower middle class,