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Nathalie; A war mess that Bush triggered? 12 years and 17 UN resolutions that Saddam violated, thats what caused the war in Iraq. I noticed you did not mention Frances duplicitious behavior in the oil for food scandal. Or the bribing of UN security members to vote against the US. How about French companies doing business with Iraq in violation of UN mandates. How about Iraq; violated No Fly Zones, fired upon allied fighter jets, used WMD on hundredths of thousands of its own people, $25,000 for the families of suicide bombers, gave aid and comfort to terrorists. The end of the first Gulf War a cease-fire was signed. If violated, the allies had the legal right to reenter Iraq. And yet it is Bush you blame. Perhaps you are confused, but after 9/11, the official policy of the US is war on any organization or country with an international reach and those who assist them. So you are either with the terrorist or with us. If you consider that statement childish, apparently you do not realize we are fighting World War 3. Does thatmean you have to follow the US in lockstep. Not at all. Friends and allies often disagree. That does not mean you prance around Africa bribing countries to vote against us in the UN. Or try to block us at NATO. I wonder if DeGaulle said the same thing during WW2 against the enemies of France would you have considered it childish? I have read that the intelligence agencies of the US and France have an excellent relationship. For this I thank France and its people. This is what allies do, help each other. Now if we can only bring the relationship between both countries in other areas to this level.

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