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There are negative and so-called positive stereotypes. I’ll use stereotypes regarding Latinos as an example. Negative stereotypes would be that we’re all drunk, overly macho, violent and lazy who go around womanizing, etc. etc. etc. Positive stereotypes would be that we can all dance Salsa like mad, are accomplished lovers, are skilled in sweet-talking and seduction, and have complete mastery over the Spanish language (I can’t speak it for nothing). The negative stereotypes are hurtful, divisive, and cause great anger. The positve stereotypes are amusing at best, thorns in our side at worst. Basically, I would like people to understand our culture at a more in-depth level, yet understand that culture alone cannot by any means wholely define every individual who is considered Latino.

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Name : Dan, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : na, Race : Chicano, Religion : Pentecostal Christian, Age : 21, City : Los Angeles area, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : Student, Social class : Lower middle class,