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Yes, there are some mean, small-minded people in the South, just like everywhere else. Yes, I have known some of those stereotypical inbred hillbillys, and I don’t like them, either. Thing is, they are few and far between. In response to the person of Mexican/American Indian descent, there are places I, as a Caucasion, shouldn’t go, and you named them. If you want a fight, go in those little country honky tonks. I have more sense than to do so. As far as rednecks, I have met them in every part of this nation. Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Colorado, New York. The redneck mentality is alive and well everywhere in the country; Southerners dont have a monopoly on it. As far as country music goes, anyone who listens to that crap needs to get his butt whipped,anyway!

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