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What do you mean with ‘places like that’? I think pretty much most of the different nations, ethnic groups, countries etc. have made some kind of war at some point of their history (including the United States). There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guys in the great geopolitical chess game. There are only bigger and smaller players. I don’t think the people of Iraq are generally ‘meaner’ in nature than, say, Swedish, Chinese or Americans. I don’t know all the people in the world, but it’s probably safe to assume that the average human inhabitant of this planet does not want to use violence or make war against his/her fellow human being, if she/he just can avoid it. The average ‘next-door guy or girl’ of the world does not want war. What he/she probably wants is a good education, a decent job, good friends, a loving spouse, a couple of kids, a nice house, something to eat every day, some money to pay the bills etc. Your usual, every-day normal stuff. Wars are fought because of complex geopolitical reasons. Certain group of people want to control certain area or another group of people for a certain reason. These reasons could be political, economical (for example, it’s hardly a coincidence that the U.S. now effectively rules the Mid-east oil wells and through it the energy sources of Europe and Japan), geographical (for example, access route to a large sea, or something like that), ideological (as in World War 2 in Europe – it was a religious war between National Socialism, Communism and Western democratic liberalism) etc. Of course, they are always bad reasons. Ordinary people always suffer when the Great Leaders(tm) play their global chess game. All in all, it’s a very, very complex issue! I formatted this little piece for quite a while, and I’m still not satisfied 🙂 Probably confused you even more 😉

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