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Tim: There is a new reference title entitled, ‘Slavery Throughout History’. Check your local public library. It gives a fairly thorough examination of slavery throughout the world appropriate for the middle school through high school audience. It includes current practices of exploitive child labor,prostitution, and other forms of slavery that exist in contemporary times. While I can not provide you with a specific reference I have heard current commentary about a black market for a white women in other countries, and here in Michigan, there was recently a case reported of a young African girl abused by a white couple for 3yrs. under distressed conditions, i.e. she was treated as a slave. I also was told by a very reliable source that there is a market for victims to be used in snuf movies. These are usually women sold off for drugs. The victims are doped, forced to perform various acts which are videotaped and then the victim’s killing is videotaped as well.I have known addicts who were so desperate for drugs(mostly women) that they were forced to perform lewd acts to pay off drug debts. Others have sold either their wives or children for the same reasons. As gruesome as this sounds this is real.

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Name : annonymous, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 34, City : Detroit, State : MI Country : United States,