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Your question had me agreeing with you right up until you made the Biblical reference, and then you lost me. I am a heterosexual female. While I can appreciate the internal and external qualities of women, I’m not physically or sexually attracted to them, nor would I want to explore my sexual options just to ‘find out’ what it’s like to be with a woman rather than a man. I agreed with your observation that many females nowadays seem to be experimental in their sexuality, and THAT, I think, is indicative of a greater sense of ‘gender liberation,’ in which many people do not feel as constrained by rigid gender roles and explore their options because they CAN, not necessarily because they affiliate with ONE orientation or the other. The Biblical reference, however, made me question whether your query was hinting at the ‘Rightness’ and ‘Wrongness’ of sexual orientation, in which case I’d have to change my answer to reflect my opinion that hetero/homosexuality is not something governed by trends or choice, but rather, something one knows intrinsically to be ‘true’ of him/herself.

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Name : Taneia, Gender : F, Race : multi-ethnic, Age : 26, City : Toronto, Ontario, State : NA Country : Canada, Occupation : grad student, Education level : Over 4 Years of College,