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True, maybe sex is overrated, but so is virginity. I don’t see how just because someone lost their virginity, they’re now less of a person. Virginity to me is something psychological that people hold on to. The fact is, most girls break their hymen (the thin layer skin that typically tears within the vagina when a girl has sex for the first time) long before they ever become sexually active. So really what is being effected is their psychological mindset that they’re now not so innocent anymore. Furthermore, this idea of retaining their quote/un-quote ‘purity’ is typically reinforced by the overbearing pressures of the typical church enviroment. Young people should therefore permitted to think with their own free will. It’d be interesting to see what a child that has no clue what sex even is would do if given the chance to grow up without outside influences pressuring them to either have or not have sexual relations. I for one lost my ‘virginity’ at 18 years old. I never felt the need to have sex before that night when I ‘lost it’ and I have no regrets for any of my actions thereafter. If someone believes that by not having sex their making themselves that much better for society I’d challenege that individual to get a job and make a contribution to that same society.

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