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I get pretty disgusted by some people falsely assuming ‘English is the language of America’ all the time. How blind can you be? Never heard of native languages, apparently. There are hundreds of thousands of Navajo and Cherokee speakers, for example. Never heard of the fact that there are huge areas of the country that for centuries were and still are filled with speakers of languages besides English, like Louisiana (Acadian) northern Maine (French), Hawaii (Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, etc.) and the whole Southwest (Spanish). So knowing how to communicate with your customers in the way that is most comfortable to them is a valuable and marketable skill. I’d think that would be obvious, but many people in the United States have not learned that yet, like much of Europe, Asia and Latin America already have. By the way, I’ve never heard of any minimum wage work that requires you to be bilingual. Whoever heard of McDonald’s employees being bilingual, for example? Being bilingual is such a marketable skill it pays far better than minimum.

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