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I can’t speak for Israeli Jews, being an American Jew; but I certainly don’t think any of us here hate Egyptians. During the ’67 war, I was working with an Egyptian (one of the few I’ve really known). We just kind of looked at each other, and agreed that this wasn’t something we needed to deal with between us. Getting back to the story of Ham and the Hamitic peoples, I don’t think modern Jews think of Egyptians in that context; for better or worse, we probably lump you in with the Arabs. Curiously, the only references I’ve heard about ‘Hamitic’ peoples have come from white supremacists or, in past centuries, Christian slavers trying to assuage their consciences. As for that little matter of the Jewish sojourn in Egypt, I doubt that anyone associates living Egyptians with that. Your points about the ancient Hebrew wars against the Canaanites and Philistines are more problematic. In 20th century terms, they might be considered genocide; but remember, what’s in the Bible are the victory songs. It’s very hard to tell what really happened. The Philistines, according to modern theory, were invaders themselves, and possibly related to their contemporaries who were rather thoroughly drubbed by the Egyptians (Ramses II?). And it’s hard to imagine that the Canaanites were all wiped out; they didn’t have a unified government, and were clients by turns of various major powers (the Egyptians, Hurrians, Assyrians, Hittites, and others). It’s quite possible that their culture simply merged with those of the other tribes that at various times fought and lived side by side in that relatively small area. Genocide, as an official policy, was not unknown: the Assyrians, in particular, practiced it as a matter of course; and it was standard practice to relocate entire populations to keep them subjected (as in the Babylonian captivity of the Jews). About all we really know is that in the later books of the Bible, there are no people called Canaanites. It may be that once the Israelites settled in Canaan, the term fell into disuse because it was too generic to be useful. This was all ancient history, anyways.

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