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It’s not just kids who commit suicide. Anyone can if they think things are bad enough. I was raped by my uncle, the husband of my mom’s sister, from the time I was 4 to the time I was 6. At 15,I tried to overdose on as many pills I could find, over 300. I almost died. I was sent to a psych hospital for several months and it has taken me since then to try and workout my problems. I take a lot of medication and the urge to kill myself is strong sometimes. Still, I’m here when the doctors believed nthat I would have killed myself before I turned 18. I know that getting help can be scary and it can mess a lot of things up, but it is worth it. The time in the hospital was probably one of the best things for me. I now go to UCSB and I should be graduating soon. Don’t give up, Katie or whoever thinks that dying is the best way to solve things. Think about all the people you would effect if you died…watch Good Charlotte’s video ‘Hold On’. You can get through it.

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