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The movies you listed made fun of blacks just as much as the whites – Bringing Down The House’ with Queen Latifah (the black woman playing the stereotypical ghetto mammy but since she isn’t white we will conveniently overlook that fact) also produced, written, & directed by whites. White Men Can’t Jump – both the black & white guy were both hustlers. I cannot tell you about Hitch yet when I see it I’ll let you know what I think. So let’s be honest majority of movies with black women in them they are the ghetto, angry bitter, crack addict or the whorish black woman (Save the Last Dance, Monster’s Ball, or the mystical black (Bagger Vance, Green Mile). And let’s not get started with NYPD Blue with the black captain who had a wife & kid but you never saw his personal life but every white character’s personal life was shown.

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