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I think you are oversimplifying what it means to be biracial. If my mother was Asian and white and my father was black, under your theory I would be considered black. But that’s not true – I would be Asian, white and black, as all those genes are a part of me. I would love to see the end of racism and not to have race be an issue at all, but the likelihood of that happening in my or even my children’s lifetime is very slim. Using race as an identifier is not going to just stop, no matter how much we fight. Ignoring a part of one’s heritage to claim to be only a member of one race directly contributes to the segregation of races. But the more society is forced to recognize interracial/biracial/multiracial people for all of who they are, the more difficult it will be to separate and judge based on race. So, in my opinion, the most effective way to end racism is to eliminate ‘race’ by making the pure thing rare or even non-existent.

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