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The thing is, Wiccans do the exact same thing! They so adamantly condemn things like animal sacrifice and even (seeing as you are Dianic) the fact that most early pagan cultures (and even early Wicca) were just as male-centered as Christianity is! It’s all a matter of things that are deemed culturally unacceptable. Halloween is considered ‘secular’ in most modern Christians’ eyes, and thus harmless. Pagan concepts adapted into Christianity are oftentimes viewed as secular additions, and oftentimes have Christian ‘origins’ made up for them (Santa Claus and St. Nick, for example). I don’t see very much strong opposition of things like tarot cards and sabbats except by people who also condemn Christmas trees and Halloween, personally. Plus, the practices accepted by Christians really -are- pre-Christian, whereas the Goddess in the concept you are used to and tarot cards are not. This makes a lot of difference.

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