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You said that the ‘baby mama, baby daddy… embracing of things criminal… booty shake… educated and acting white’ lifestyle is about a choice we make and is something we can control. My contention is that that perception of blackness you outlined is not representative of even the majority of black people. If you really think about it, where do you get this idea of blackness from? Is it from the media? Is it from black people that you have actually met? Personally, I think that it is from the media, and the few black people you have actually come in contact with (i’m not saying you dont know many black people, but on a national scale it is a very small percentage) have unfortunately reinforced the stereotypes. If you humor me and accept for a moment that the media is largely the source of your perceptions, then think about who controls the media? White people control the media. So your argument that we are largely responsible for our problems because of how we choose to live is invalid, because WE dont all, or even close to all live that way. I’m in no position to tell you exactly what percentage do and dont live like that. All i can say is that I dont, and many many black people that I know and have met from all over the country dont live that way. Suprisingly enough, we actually embrace education and intellect and respect it as something irrespective of something as genetically trivial as someone’s race. And I purposely said genetically trivial because for many years there was a preponderence of ‘scientific evidence’ and ‘historical fact’ that proved we as a race were genetically inferior. Back to my original point, I realize that you can point to BET as something black controlled or at least used to be black controlled that reinforces your perception of blackness. You would be right to do that and it is unfortunate that BET does that. However, there are a many black people who will not watch BET for that particular reason. Aaron McGruder, author of the Boondocks comic strip, is a well-known opponent of BET.

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Name : Tony, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : African Methodist Episcopalian, Age : 20, City : Southfield, State : MI Country : United States, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Lower middle class,