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Worry not. Your daughter is lucky to have a mother as understanding as you are. As a girl at the age of 18, I am still in high school and look to my mom for acceptance, but she is unwilling to see me for what I am, bisexual. I think she is uncomfortable with my sexuality, and it scares her, but I can tell you I know I will not marry a woman, nor will I spend the rest of my life with a woman. I am merely exploring what it means to be with a woman, and you should know that women are ‘prettier’ than men, and the saying a woman knows what a woman wants is true. Your daughter is strong enough to do what 99 percent of women want to do but are afraid to do, and that is enjoy her sexuality, whether she is ‘active’ or not. I feel we all have bisexual tendencies, but are afraid.

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Name : Rochelle-B, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Bisexual, City : Elverta, State : CA Country : United States,