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Yehia M.

As a Muslim boy, I can tell you the difference between when I look at a girl wearing tight jeans or a micro-skirt and when I look at a girl wearing a long skirt or baggy jeans. When I look at the former, the first thing that will attract me to her is her legs, not the beauty of her face or the strength of her personality. This is an instinct we can’t deny, but can control. Did you know that the number of girls raped or sexually harrassed in Arab Muslim countries did not begin to rise until recently, when Muslim girls began wearing clothes like their Western counterparts?

Concerning Muslim boys, we must cover the area between our stomach and knees. Muslim women aren’t obligated to cover their faces, only their hair, and any decent, long, loose clothes will do.

I know that women’s rights in Islam cause us a lot of problems because Muslim women look up to Western women, but they don’t know that Western women suffer as much as them, and maybe more, only in a different way.

In regard to sex, in Islam it is not just a temporary pleasure but a first step to establishing a family. So there is not any kind of love-making before marriage. If so, we will turn into animals.

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Name : Yehia M., Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Muslim, Age : 17, City : cairo, State : WI Country : Egypt, Occupation : STUDENT,