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I’m black and am not loud in public. My family and friends are black, and they’re not loud in public. I’ve been to many “public events'” in my lifetime and noticed many white people were loud in public as well, but the funny thing is, I’ve noticed when white people are being loud that I hardly notice it, or I respond by saying that those “people” are being loud, rather than those “white” people are being loud. I have two problems with your question: one, you’re lumping all black people into one general category, when we’re all individuals. Some are loud and some aren’t. Two, nobody talks about the fact that we live in a society where “white” is the norm and anyone who is non-white stands out from the norm in every respect. We think of race first. That’s an important reason why, when you see a group of black people being loud, you think, “damn, those black people are loud” instead of “those individuals are being loud.” Individuals are loud in public for various reasons, like they’re upset about something, they’re being inconsiderate, they’re intoxicated, they’re excited, they’re frustrated… Try and open your eyes and ears to other groups that are loud in public and see how you categorize their behavior, and when you do hear a black person being loud, look at them as an individual, not a representative of how all black people behave.

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Name : Lash, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 24, City : San Francisco, State : CA Country : United States, Education level : Over 4 Years of College,