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As a Christian, I view homosexuality as a sin. We have different consequences for each sin, but sin is sin in God’s eyes. So when I tell a white lie, it is just as bad in God’s eyes as committing murder. I’m just as far from God either way. Christ came and has created a bridge to God, as long as we accept him as the Son of God and give our lives to him. He loves everyone, be they gay or straight, murderers or preachers. But everyone has sin. Yes, we can repent of it, but after that, it’s our job to try and not do it again. After you’re saved, it doesn’t mean you’re perfect (which I think many Christians forget); it just means you are saved. The reason Christians pay great attention to homosexuality is that it is a practice that many do not feel comfortable with, and is something that the Bible specifically points out, even (or especially) in the New Testament. Paul makes several references in his letters about avoiding homosexuality.

Homosexuality is a sin, and God does not see sin in degrees. But he does ask us not to keep going in our sin or make excuses for it. And despite the fact that God does not view one sin as worse than the other, there are different consequences for each sin.

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