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I agree completely with what you said in your posting – I enjoy sex with my husband, but not immensely. I am attracted to women physically (I just started acknowledging this recently) and emotionally. This forum is the first place I’ve ‘come out’ except for a friend. I’ve been married for many years to really good man whose only faults are just pretty much being emotionally unavailable and too sarcastic. He says I am ‘fishing’ when I try to initiate emotion-based conversations (talking about feelings, or emotional needs, etc), and says I need to meet my own emotional needs, that it isn’t his job. So, I am! I have a very dear friend who is as curious/motivated (not quite the words I want) about meeting her emotional needs with some physical exploration as I am. I intend to stay married until our kids are gone, but unless some miracle happens, I will then leave. Am I confused about my sexuality? Not really. Am I ready to come out? No. Anybody else in the same shoes? I’d welcome your input!

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Name : SecretMe28023, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Bisexual, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Unsure, Age : 40, City : Anyplace, State : WA Country : United States, Education level : Technical School, Social class : Lower middle class,