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What Americans need is the ability to ‘put oneself in the shoes of another.’ Without this, I’m afraid there’s more to come. The United States has a wonderful Constitution, so we’re told. All the time we hear about ‘our Founding Fathers blah blah blah’ – if ‘our Founding Fathers’ said ‘Thou shalt pee in the streets,’ what right would U.S. policymakers have to force that value on other nations?

Secondly there’s this Big Brother-like attitude. Honestly, will the bombings in Afghanistan make little Mohamed repentant, or is it going to turn him into another Bin Laden (if he’s the culprit)? In other words, what is this going to accomplish?

We’re where we are today courtesy of the decisions our forefathers made a long time ago. I thought we’d evolved enough to see that. I can only be grateful that I live in the southern tip of the African continent.

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