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Christy S.

I would have to agree that there are more children who disrepect their parents. It starts with the parents. In today’s society the parents are the children. Since most parents do not hold up to their responsibilities, the kids grow up on their own. The are pushed on to their grandmother, etc… This is big problem today. This is why, I think, there are so many gangs and what have you. But, I do have to say there are parents who try to raise their children in a sort of normal home, providing them with clothes, shelter, food and teaching them about our Lord. And not all of those children grow up right. Sometimes, this is where drugs come into play. There is so much that happens to a child without the parent there to guide them. I do know that if a child is not taught respect, they will have none when they grow up. Therefore, most wind up in life without a life: imprisonment, abusive behavior or death. When you have children, treat them right, love them and teach them right from wrong. In the long run we as parents will be proud of our children and knowing in our hearts ‘ we did a great job.’ And we’ll smile when they have children and they have that same loving hand to guide their children with through life.

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