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Kim, I fully appreciated your response to the post regarding Ebonics and the slave mentalility. I doubt I could have responded as intelligently and eloquently as you did. While I am not an advocate of Ebonics, I fully respect the argument you presented to the original poster. I have some personal issues with Ebonics, principally that those who use it as a primary language typically have an inadquate grasp on standard English, and in this country where we are the minority, this is a disadvantage. I wish more black youth in particular would approach mastering standard English as you stated. It is like any other (if one wants to view it this way) foreign language: Learn it, so in the appropriate situations, you can apply it.

I noted your age and surmised that your tone and position is directly related to your level of maturity. While age does not necessarily determine maturity, time provides an opportunity for growth and wisdom. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

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Name : annonymous, Gender : F, Race : Black/African American, Age : 34, City : Detroit, State : MI Country : United States,