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Here on campus, I’ve heard the black students call each other ‘nigga’ on a daily basis as a greeting. I know I’d be skinned alive if I greeted one of my black friends as ‘nigga’. It’d be poor taste at the least. I’ve found that the majority of white people are so sensitive and afraid of offending someone that they tiptoe around the issue of race. People look at me funny if I add a racial description when trying to identify someone, such as an aquaintance whose name I do not remember. ‘Some people’ have been very quick to play the race card in an argument, ‘what do you mean, ‘some people?’ You mean BLACK people, dont you?’ If you look deep enough, everyone is ignorant in some way or another. People all have stereotypes of other races and classes of people. As dismal as it looks, I still have faith in humanity.

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Name : Ken, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Asian, Religion : Catholic, Age : 20, City : Rochester, State : NY Country : United States, Occupation : poor student!, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,