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As an American descended from a diverse mixture of people (including Native American, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, and English), I can say that I am uncomfortable being labeled anything. I look ‘white’, but I relate strongly with my Native American ancestors. What does this make me? When I fill out forms which ask for race/ethnicity, I tend to check the ‘Caucasian’ box for convenience sake. However, Caucasian is not even accurate since the word derives from a range of mountains in the southern part of Russia. I cannot claim ‘Native American’ because my ancestery is too mixed for that to be accurate. I personally would like the practice of labeling according to race/ethnicity to stop. I will always hold to my ancestery with a great deal of pride and will pass this pride onto my children. However, when it comes to dealing with other people a ‘label’ should be the last thing I think of, not the first.

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Name : M-Kemper22537, Gender : F, Race : Caucasian(?), Age : 30, City : Temple Terrace, State : FL Country : United States,