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But I can say black haircare products play a crucial role. We use petroleum based hair dressings- hair oils, pomades, bergamonts. We oil our scalp & hair because its very dry & prone to breakage. We in affect are immune to lice for that reason. There was actually a report in a magazine (white) a while back that stated, good old fashioned Vaseline was a more effective treatment for lice than all those costly Rid-type products I see on the shelves & on TV. It involved smothering the child’s hair with it & covering with a shower cap overnight. Within 48 hrs, most of the lice was gone- it sufficated them. My mother was a teacher & she could confirm, there were black children with lice. But they tended to be ill groomed.

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Name : Soffia, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Catholic, Age : 30s, City : Chicago, State : IL Country : United States, Social class : Middle class,