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Because it’s the first time it’s ever happened. This is the first time that both people on the presidential ticket were not Northern European derived and of Protestant background, except for JFK. When John F. Kennedy ran for President, it was highly controversial because he was Catholic, yet he was Irish American (which may have been a hindrance at the time). When Geraldine Ferraro ran with Walter Mondale against Ronald Reagan, it made waves because she was the first female vice presidential candidate on a major party ticket. The only two black women I can think of on a presidential ticket I can think of throughout history are Ezola Foater (Reform) and Angela Davis (Communist) and both parties have never stood a chance. Politics in America are overwhelmingly dominated by men of Northern European extraction who are almost entirely Protestant or of Protestant background. It has been this way for over 200 years and is just now starting to change very slowly but surely. That a Jewish man of presumably Eastern European and Semetic origins would be the Vice Presidential candidate on the Democratic Party Ticket, running alongside the vice president of the current administration, is enough to make waves here.

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