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As a teacher, I have been asked this question by many brave (white) children. My thought is that music and dancing are an important part of black (as well as Latino) culture.

Often, when a child is old enough to stand up, parents will take them by the hands and bounce them up and down to the music – “dancing” with them. When I was a young girl, many girls spent countless hours creating slap-pap rhymes, jump-rope rhythms and original dances in groups. It is accepted and encouraged in black society. Growing up, we all watched and danced along with Soul Train, cranked up the music while washing the car and even danced with the hose. Boys are encouraged to dance with girls from a young age as well. There isn’t the stigma of “growing up too fast” when dancing in public, and some dances between boys and girls ages 10-13 can be downright “grown up.” I have not seen the emphasis on music and dancing in white society. There seem to be more cultural inhibitions related to dancing. Thus, kids in white families typically get less practice. Since practice is what makes perfect, it only makes sense that the kids who practice the most and in the most varied of settings would end up looking like the best dancers. I always recommend that, to improve dancing, kids go into their rooms alone with a radio, and dance with themselves in the mirror. Keep what looks cool, ditch the odd-looking moves. And watch Soul Train!

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