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I have a number of disagreements with this argument. I disagree with your philosophy regarding sex. First of all, God gives us many commmandments that we fail. I don’t always manage to love the people around me, treat them in a Christ-like manner, speak truth, avoid jealousy, or keep from gossiping. Furthermore, this is the same for everyone I know. Does this mean that God shouldn’t have given us these guidelines, because we’re doomed to failure? I personally find the commandment against extramarital sex much easier to follow than the commandment to love my neighbor as myself. Secondly, I think God had reasons for telling us not to have extramarital sex. Being an unmarried virgin, I’ll admit to having little direct experience in this area. However, almost all (at least 90%; I sat down and figured this out once after another discussion on this topic) of the people I’ve been good friends with who had premarital sex have expressed regret to me about that at some point in time. This includes non-Christians and members of other cultures. On the other hand, none of the people that I know who saved sex for marriage have regretted that. Couples that I know who wait for marriage also tend to have sturdier relationships (although this is not necessarily universal). From what I’ve heard, sex can cloud your judgement and become too important, making it harder to make good decisions in other areas. Again, this is a generalization, but it fits what I’ve seen. It’s true that you take a risk if you don’t have sex with your partner before marriage. However, I still say you can get to know your partner well enough without sleeping with him/her. I’ve had talks with sexually active friends of mine (married and not) about their experiences with sex. I’ve found that I can tell with a high degree of accuracy whose partners are loving and considerate during sex. How? If they’re loving, considerate, and so on in other ways, that carries over to sex. If they’re self-centered, inconsiderate, and unwilling to listen outside of sex, that carries over. To respond to your concern of domestic violence: you don’t have to sleep with someone to realize that s/he will be abusive, because so many other behaviors point to that.

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