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I love being of mixed-race. In Hawaii, it doesn’t matter as much as it does in parts of the mainland U.S. I am part Mexican, Puerto Rican, German, and Portuguese. I do feel more closer to the Latino side since my parents emphasized it more. Plus, in Hawaii, NEARLY EVERYONE who is part-white, part non-white emphasizes their non-white side. Example, a part white/Hawaiian person will emphasize their Native Hawaiian side, even if his skin is light. It even gets to the point where one girl who looks 100% white claims to be Filipino. I can’t find any signs of Filipino in her. White people get picked on in Hawaii, so that’s probably why those are have white/non-white in them emphasize the non-white side.

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Name : P.W, Gender : M, Race : Mexican, Puerto Rican, German, Portuguese, Age : 24, City : Honolulu, State : HI Country : United States,