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You treat a child with Down like you would any other child you care about. They react the same way to love and attention as anyone would. My little brother, who has Down, has always been treated the same as his brothers, and he interacts with them on the same level. What might complicate things is that very often when a child is born with Down Syndrome, there are accompanying medical conditions. There’s a very high rate of heart problems, and in our case, kidney problems. I hesitate to say most of the time, but often, these problems do not interfere with the ability to live a productive life. The thought of caring for or interacting with a Down child can be very intimidating when it is something that isn’t regularly part of your life. You will find that they are extremely affectionate, loving and social. You’ll find that once you relax and accept it, it becomes very easy, just like caring for any other child. I would recommend visiting a special needs class, or getting in contact with a support group. I know that my family belonged to one for a couple years, called PODS (Parents of Down Syndrome children). They were incredible at the time we needed them. I wish you the best of luck, and I really hope that you find this a profoundly good experience. I always thought that everyone should be as lucky to know someone like my brother Patrick.

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