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I became friends with a young woman who has been blind since birth. She tells me about her dreams sometimes, just like sighted people do in conversations with friends. From what I can gather, her dreams are just like ours, except for one thing: she doesn’t see anything. For her, it’s not unusual. I mean, she can’t see anything in the day. She feels sensations in her dreams, and she is in situations in her dreams. In dreaming, she relies on the same senses she does when she is not – feelings, hearing, etc. As for color, she associates concepts with them. For instance, ‘green’ for her is a good thing because it is associated with a country she loves -Ireland. While she was growing up, her family helped her know what colors certain things are. She knows the grass is green and that the sky is usually blue because that is what she has been told. She also asks friends for descriptions of people, including hair and eye colors. Color does not have the same meaning it holds for a sighted person, but she is aware of it.

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