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I’ll tell you why. I detest rudeness. When I bump into someone I have the decency to say, ‘excuse me’ or ‘pardon me’ or ‘I’m so sorry’. I expect the same courtesy. Also, if people watched where they were going, there would be a lot less bumping into people. I’ve lived and worked in New York all my adult life, and I don’t bump into people because I watch where I’m going and I’m aware of and respectful of other people’s personal space. Now, if you want to make this a racial thing, I’ll add that white folks are among the rudest, most inconsiderate people I’ve had the displeasure of encountering. The subway is a hotbed of rude white folks. I dress nicely and don’t appreciate someone sitting next to me, or standing over me, drinking that nasty coffee. And some of you insist on reading a newspaper, regardless of how crowded the train is. And let’s not even discuss white women who insist on tossing their hair in people’s faces. I was raised to be polite and considerate of others, and have no tolerance for rude people.

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Name : Rhonda-P-Outlaw22323, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Lutheran, Age : 43, City : Laurelton, State : NY Country : United States, Occupation : Account Rep, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,