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Your question is a valid one and deserves no less than the most honest, non-hostile answer any person of reason can give. But before I proceed, I would like to respond to the others who half-wittedly offered their responses:

Monique, you stated that most African Americans were hateful, rude and evil, and that therefore they were deserving of the hatred perpetrated toward them. I’m assuming because the bottom of your post listed you as Afican American that your parents and siblings are of the same ethnicity as you. If my assumption is correct, you are saying it’s OK for your mother, father and even yourself to be hated based on the color of your skin.

Franco, I have been employed since I was 15. My latest job finds me working in an office where 98 percent of the work force is white. There are a few co-workers in my department who constantly call in ill or have other excuses they often use, leaving me to do thier jobs. Because the majority of the work staff is Caucasian, should I assume they are lazy because they are white, or that they are lazy because they are lazy people?

Pete, you said that if we don’t like America we should go back to Africa. In case you haven’t been informed, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even we blacks. Furthermore, you’re no more entitled to this country than we are. If anyone should be kicking poeple out, I think it should be Native Americans; after all, this is their land, no matter how many pieces of paper Europeons manufacture to say otherwise.

Now, to answer the question: Our (African American) culture is like an overly attractive woman: Men want to date her. Women want to be her, and everyone wants to know her. If any of these people can’t get their way, they start to hate her. Why? Because they desire what can never be theirs. We are that woman; our culture is her beauty.

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Name : Kiea, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 25, City : Montgomery, State : AL Country : United States, Occupation : secretary, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Lower middle class,